The Green Mindset

We all began our EV journey for a whole host of reasons. Some of us like the cost saving that an EV gives. Others might enjoy the instant torque provided at the traffic light grand prix. Some of us look at the larger green issues and want to drive a vehicle that does not harm children, small animals and anything else that comes into contact with the noxious tailpipe emissions.

Over time people look to expand on this idea and then go on to sign up with green energy providers such as Octopus Energy who offer ground breaking tariffs ideal for EV drivers such as the GO or Agile tariffs.

They may buy solar panels or even invest in a scheme such as the wind turbine share scheme offered by Ripple Energy who allow you to invest into part shares of a wind farm with a 25 year benefit from the energy provided by the wind farm. With investments starting from as little as £250 you can link discounts from your part owned turbine to your energy bill to save money.

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As someone who likes to invest in green companies I have discovered that there are a whole host of companies whose green ethos I’d like to buy into. Companies whose stock I can invest in secure in the knowledge that I am supporting an ethical company with goals that align with my own. Here are some companies I’ve either invested in or am looking at:

Greencoat UK Wind PLC (Stock market ticker: UKW.L)
Greencoat Capital is a specialist asset manager dedicated to the resource efficiency and renewable energy sectors. It has offices in London and Dublin and approximately £5.0bn under management, making it one of the largest such fund managers in Europe. It was founded in 2009 and currently has fund mandates with segregated strategies in wind infrastructure, solar infrastructure and private equity.

Dividends are usually paid quarterly in Feb, May, Aug, Nov.
Over the last 2 quarters the dividend was 1.775%.
Whilst not the most exciting stock in terms of growth it has shown stability over year.

The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited (Stock market ticker: TRIG.L)
The Renewables Infrastructure Group is a large British investment trust dedicated to investments in assets generating electricity from renewable sources. Established in 2013.

Dividends are usually paid quarterly in Feb, May, Aug, Nov.
Over the last 2 quarters the dividend was 1.69%.
Again this stock has remained stable over the last 12 months.

Now I’m not offering financial advice or suggesting that you should put your life savings on any company, fund, trust or bond. Just pointing out that going green with your car can lead to unexpected changes in your mind set in other directions. So buyer beware!  Buying an EV can be dangerous to your comfort with the status quo.

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