Will New Technologies Save the World?

This week I’ve been considering new technologies and how innovation can solve some of our ecological problems.

Take for example the device in the picture above. This has been created by a group of masters students calling themselves The Tyre Collective (or Tire if you’re in the states) from Imperial College in London. In tests this amazing device captured 60% of the polluting airborne particles from the tyres and it scooped them the James Dyson Award.


Back in the 80s it was widely thought nuclear was the answer to our energy problems. It has proved a reliable source of energy and emission free. The massive and expensive problem of course being the deadly nature of the waste and where to put it. Wind turbines were not a viable option then, being too small and not providing anywhere near enough energy to suit the nation’s needs.

However, this technology has grown and the size, scale and importantly, energy collection of wind turbines has grown exponentially. Obviously they have to be manufactured, maintained and serviced. But give me a turbine over a dirty polluting coal power station any day of the week.

Solar panels too have become something of a success story. New applications are being considered rather than the traditional roof mounted panels. Solar roof -tiles are becoming a viable idea for companies such as Tesla and others. Fields full of solar panels are becoming more common place. Even floating solar farms like the one above.

These things help to fill me with hope that yes, new, renewable technologies might just help to save us. What are your thoughts?